Understanding European Lingerie Designs







Understanding the European Lingerie Designer
It’s no doubt that some of the most coveted and luxury lingerie originate from European designers. Designers are very keen on comfort and style throughout their work. No wonder European modern lingerie is stylish, innovative and highly seductive. Notably, it is now coming with new sense of freedom for women to allow them to experiment with different fashion trends and looks.


Why quality designs for undergarments?
Lingerie design is an enabler of women’s fashion. Some fashions would be too hard to pull without the right lingerie. Besides, they redefine a woman’s sexuality and it is an integral part of the wardrobe. You can always spot a woman in quality lingerie down the street; she exhumes a lot of confidence. Why not feel feminine and sexy in every situation?


The European brands
Europe boasts of some of the finest lingerie designers. The list is endless from Chantelle, Rosy, Milavitsa, Axami, Aubade, Anais, Angels Never Sin to Irma La Douce.  Their innovation to match different fashion styles in line with the latest designs, make them unique. The lingerie designs are synonymous with beauty, sophistication and style. More specifically, their focus on comfort and superb fitting make them popular among women.

Lingerie Of Europe brands
 Our brands consists of the "New Generation" of European Lingerie. Some have even won several awards in a already very competative market. In 2009 Axami won "Customer's choice - Discovery Of the Year", "Quality Of the Year" 2008,2013 and more. In 2012 The Lingerie brand Anais won "Quality Of the Year"
You can find all of them in Lingerie Of Europe's onlinestore including: Axami, Anais, 7Heaven, Excellent Beauty, Fernand Peril, Alles, Livia Corsetti and many more.
The brands are made from the highest quality materials from leading European and Polish manufacturers of fabrics. The attention to detail makes their underwear a luxurious pleasure for women with even the most demanding requirements.





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